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A Partnership of Community-Minded Businesses


“Many hands make light work.” English writer John Heywood penned that phrase in the 1500s. But his idiom still rings true. It is what inspired the initiative and logo for the Giving Marin Community Partnership, which debuted Jan. 1, 2018.

Giving Marin is a movement fueled by a collection of the North Bay’s most community-minded businesses and institutions. The solution they are backing is simple at its core: The businesses, one per profession, have committed to underwrite marketing space for varying nonprofits every month. You’ll notice the purple Giving Marin logo in the right bottom corner of any ad in the Marin Independent Journal or on that is underwritten by a partner.

Dr. Louise Malandra accepts a grant for Trips for Kids.

We think the need for such a program is vast. Donor fatigue after the tragic North Bay fires and changes to the tax code threaten funding for Marin’s nonprofits. We hope to offset their challenges by offering no-cost publicity for their causes.

Giving Marin grant recipients ceremony at the Marin Country Club in Novato, Calif. on Mar. 2, 2023.

This initiative was partly spawned by two organizations — Redwood Credit Union and Kaiser Permanente — that approached us about launching a community-benefit partnership initiative. With the support of Redwood Credit Union CEO Brett Martinez and now-retired Kaiser Permanente Public Affairs Director Carl Campbell, these organizations became early-on partners. They were enthusiastically joined by businesses that embody community service and philanthropy: Fairview Capital (CEO Andy Mathieson), CPi Developers (President Stephanie Plante), College of Marin (President David Wain Coon), Nugget Markets (Eric and Kate Stille, CEO and vice president of marketing and communications), Ghilotti Bros., Inc. (CEO Mike Ghilotti) and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals (CEO Dr. Emil Kakkis).

Jonathan Eldridge, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Learning and Success, College of Marin

The entire endeavor would not have advanced without the tremendous support of the Marin Community Foundation, and the guidance of CEO Dr. Thomas Peters and Vikki Garrod, chief communications officer.

Another goal of Giving Marin is to foster volunteerism and community engagement. The Giving Marin website ( and social media channels will keep a running list of volunteer opportunities and events that benefit 501(c)(3)s. We have a page in the print and e-editions of the Marin IJ, on Thursdays, where photos and listings of nonprofit events and volunteer opportunities are featured.

We hope this movement plays a small part in inspiring other local companies to become more involved in charity work, or stretches them to increase their already-generous contributions.

The partners of Giving Marin are committed to giving back. At year’s end we give no less than 15% of the revenue generated by the initiative to the nonprofit community. Through the first five years we have distributed $340,000 to Marin’s nonprofit community.

Rob Devincenzi, President and Publisher Marin IJ and Stephanie Plante, Kalina Cloud, CPi Developers

I am incredibly thankful to each of the founding partners, for their confidence and for their vision to see the growing needs and disparities — even in a wealthy county such as Marin. I am deeply grateful to all of the IJ team members and employees of the partner organizations who made this initiative possible.
Many hands do make light work.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on ways to make the greatest impact at

With gratitude.

Rob Devincenzi
President and Publisher
Marin Independent Journal