Giving Marin
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“Thank you so very much for helping to spread awareness of Kids Cooking For Life. Since the Marin IJ  started publishing our ads, we have been catapulted to the next level. We have won more grants, began additional programs at different schools, and have expanded our staff.” -Lara Rajninger, Development and Outreach Director

“For the past year, Huckleberry Youth Programs has been engaged in a Marin donor outreach campaign called “50 for 50”, with the goal of 50 new, returning, or increased donors in Marin County for our 50th Anniversary year. We believe that the ads we are running in the Marin IJ, as a result of the generous corporate sponsorship through Giving Marin, have increased our Marin County visibility. We’ve raised approximately $15,000 in individual contributions through 50 for 50! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in Giving Marin, and for helping us increase awareness around Huckleberry’s services providing safety, health, justice and education to over 6,700 youth each year!” -Heather Mathews, Director of Communications, Huckleberry Youth Programs

“On behalf of all of us involved in the Youth Poster Contest, I want to thank you for your simply outstanding feature on this year’s contest in today’s Giving Marin section.  How heartwarming to see the smiles and pride of Marin’s youth beaming in front of their posters on issues that are so important to them. This year’s contest was quite simply – amazing! We are already looking forward to increasing the engagement of Marin youth for the 2019 Youth Poster Contest, with a special emphasis on reaching into underserved communities to try and level the playing field for all Marin youth to engage in this important expression of their feelings. Your coverage today and your support throughout this endeavor is highly important to ensure the public platform we promised for the messages of Marin youth to reach a large Marin audience.”  -Bruce W. Burtch, Producer Youth Poster Contest

“We are in the midst of expanding our programming to include more students with special needs and are definitely benefitting from the publicity. Being featured in an esteemed paper like the Marin IJ really helps to add credence to our nonprofit. And for that, I thank you.”  -Lara Rajininger, Development and Outreach Director, Kids Cooking for Life

“What a difference an ad makes! The College of Marin sponsored advertisement of our Autistry Scientists & Artist Party in the Marin IJ not only reminded our supporters about the event but brought many new families and individuals to our studio. One couple with an autistic grandchild in southern California read the ad and came to meet other families and to learn about support services. A mother, who had been sent the ad by a Marin friend, brought her autistic son over from the East Bay to show him the studio and inspire him to keep on creating. I would estimate that our attendance increased by 15%  and that our phone inquiries increased that week by 60%! Thank you, Giving Marin for expanding our community and helping us reach those who need our services.”  -Janet Lawson, LMFT, CEO/Executive Director, Autistry Studios

“All of us at The Spahr Center want to thank you, not only for sponsoring our organization’s ad through Giving Marin, but also for creating and co-founding the Giving Marin Community Partnership Initiative. What the Giving Marin Community Partnership Initiative offers the non-profit community is invaluable. This advertising opportunity expands our visibility, helping us reach both the community we serve, as well as those who may want to support our work. We are grateful to have your support, and as you know, many hands do make light work!” -Jennifer Malone, Executive Director, The Spahr Center

“For an organization that channels nearly every dollar into getting more nutritious food to more people in need, Giving Marin makes a significant difference for The ads increase awareness of our county-wide food recovery program and augment our modest marketing budget. That leads to more food donors enrolling in our program, more funders investing in our high-impact business model, and more volunteers joining with us to share excess food from businesses and schools with Marin’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families. Thank you to Giving Marin and its partners for helping to end hunger and wasted food in Marin!”  – Marv Zauderer, Founder,

“On behalf of the Environmental Forum of Marin, we would like to thank the Independent Journal for providing the opportunity for our ads to be sponsored through Giving Marin. The Forum is in its 46th year of serving the county by teaching classes on environmental education and stewardship to Bay Area students. We are launching our fall Master Class series and appreciate your support in getting the word out about our inspiring programs.”  -Kim Rago, Executive Director, Environmental Forum of Marin

“Thank you for sponsoring Call of the Sea. As a nonprofit, finding room in the budget for marketing can be challenging. Our ad in the Marin IJ, enabled by you, will increase our visibility, and hopefully connect more young people to our programs. You are helping direct Bay Area youth to our life-changing, on-the-water experiences, empowering the next generation of environmental stewards. On behalf of them, from me, Thank You!”  Mary Rutz, Program Director, Call of the Sea

“You are making a difference by helping Matrix get the word out about our fundraising event. In 2018, we look forward to bringing Matrix services to more families through our expanded outreach and geographically centered parent organizing. As this letter is being written, parent groups are taking shape and we are planning support gatherings, as well regular meeting opportunities, for families. When families connect with us and with each other, their futures look brighter. Your generosity is helping with the important work of changing lives for families and children with special needs.”               -Nora Thompson, Executive Director, Matrix Parent Network

“I want to thank you for sponsoring an ad in the Marin IJ on behalf of Tamalpa Institute. Quite meaningful to be seen in our own neighborhood!” -Daria Halprin, Co-founder, Tamalpa Institute

“We are delighted that you chose Resilient Neighborhoods for the free ad space as part of the IJ’s wonderful Giving Marin program. Thank you for your generosity. The ads will help us fill the climate action workshops we have coming up at the San Rafael Community Center in 2 weeks and the Mill Valley Public Library in early May. When our Mill Valley Team completes on April 18th, over 1,000 people in Marin will have reduced over 5 million lbs of CO2 pollution! We will be thinking of you and the Marin IJ on Earth Day.” -Tamra Peters, Executive Director, Resilient Neighborhoods

“I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy the IJ’s Giving Marin program.  Volunteerism is an important part of Marin County culture and it’s heartwarming to see the IJ celebrate that spirit.  Personally, so far I have attended a Homeward Bound event showcased in the paper that I otherwise would not have been aware of.  I also found a volunteer opportunity that I want to pursue.  I am recently retired from a non-profit and now have time to support our non-profit community in other ways.  Giving Marin makes it easy to do so. Thanks to you and your staff for creating this worthwhile program.”  -Karen Noreen, formerly of Hospice by the Bay