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Friends of China Camp, a group of volunteers who have been operating the park since July of 2012 when the park was threatened with closure due to lack of state funds, are responsible for all expenses, supported by fees from visitors and donations from the community. All work scheduled for this month is being done by the organization’s core team and offered to volunteers at friendsofchinacamp.org/get-involved/volunteer. Friends of China Camp volunteers, organized in partnership with the California State Parks Foundation, worked on various projects, including, above, a group of 20 volunteers repairing split rail fencing at Buckeye Point picnic area on Oct. 14, 2018.

On Jan. 12, a group of 18 volunteers were digging out and opening up a culvert after heavy rains filled the area with mud from the hillsides.

Friends of China Camp usually has one work day each month. The next event, in partnership with the California State Parks Foundation, will be an open house at the park to celebrate Earth Day on April 13, 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Volunteers are invited to help with repairs, pulling invasive plants, brush clearing and coastal cleanup. You can sign up for this event at calparks.org/help/park-champions. Pictured, above, is one of 13 heavy duty weed pullers who removed French Broom and Scotch Broom on Jan. 13. Invasive plants spread quickly and often displace native species causing biological pollution. Changes in plant community diversity reduces the quality and quantity of native wildlife habitat.  -Photos by Joyce Abrams

Mill Valley Village members discover a hand-made Valentine in their mailboxes, made by Mill Valley public school students. A collaboration between Mill Valley elementary, middle, and high schools, the Mill Valley Rotary, and Mill Valley Village brings joy to Village seniors by surprising them with beautiful handcrafted cards filled with heartfelt wishes from local students. Mill Valley Village is a branch of Marin Villages. For more information on joining, volunteering or donating, visit  call 415-457-4633 or check the website at marinvillages.org. Pictured are members/volunteers Connie Dubin, left, and Karin Robbins. -Photo courtesy of Marin Villages

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