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Autistry Studios staff have applied their creative talents to developing ways to engage online with its students, who face autism, Asperger’s or similar challenges. Beyond supporting students in their online courses at College of Marin, Autistry staff are leading online tours of museums, scavenger hunts, remote equestrian training, exercise classes, and individual and group reading sessions. All of the Autistry Comprehensive Adult Program students are fully engaged in the five day a week program. The core workshops also continue with online group activities and one on one  remote building projects.   -Photo of staff Zoom meeting courtesy of Autistry Studios


Residents at Homeward Bound of Marin enjoyed two deliveries underwritten by Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, one of our Giving Marin Partners. Mindy Walker (above, top) and her team from Ultragenyx dropped off a vanload of sandwiches from Michael’s Sourdough for shelter residents. Ultragenyx also engaged Chef Eric Lee (above, bottom, on the right, with volunteer Steve Deschler) to make 150 teriyaki chicken dinners that were delivered to families in supportive housing programs.  -Photos courtesy of Homeward Bound of Marin

Since the onset of Marin’s COVID-19 shelter in place order in March, the Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity Youth Leadership Team, comprised of homeless and sex-trafficked youth ages 16 to 25, have been busy creating and launching new projects to address the pandemic. The first project, their COVID-19 Youth Rescue Kit, was designed to help protect more than 200 youth that the organization serves yearly who are homeless. The AHO Youth Rescue Kit includes face masks, hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, gloves, an oximeter, a Safeway card and toilet paper.  -Photos courtesy of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity

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