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Community Institute for Psychotherapy (CIP) has been recognized for its clinical excellence for more than 40 years and remains a vital safety-net for Marin families, children, and adults. The organization was founded in 1977 to provide high quality, low-cost mental health services to individuals and families who don’t have the resources to pay full fees for professional help. It offers a full range of services designed to meet a variety of needs. CIP believes that through psychotherapy, training, education and prevention, the organization has a vital role to play in personal and global change.

CIP’s doors are open to all with sliding scale fees making services available to everyone, even those who lack funds. With its outstanding cost efficiency, thanks to donated professional services totaling more than $450,000 a year, each budget dollar goes farther, doing more for those in need and the community.

Each year, CIP serves more than 750 families, children and adults. They help  families end conflict to create loving, nurturing homes for their children. They help children gain confidence to learn and succeed and couples to open pathways to communication and renewed respect. They serve people of all ages, backgrounds, religions, gender, sexual orientations and physical abilities.

Marin public schools, hospitals, private and public agencies rely on CIP to deliver the comprehensive, quality care needed by Marin’s most vulnerable families, children and adults. Today, as incidence of major mental health disorders is rising, the organization sees a major increase in referrals from throughout the county.

CIP’s Supporting Youth Schools Project and Wisdom Warriors Groups address students’ needs through a continuum of care offering prevention, early intervention, and treatment. Emphasis is given to the development of personal strengths and inner resources, including resilience and healthy coping and decision-making skills.

Each year, 20-24 intern-therapists receive specialized training and supervision, providing more than 90 licensed mental health professional who donate their time and expertise. This assures the best possible care very cost-effectively. The organization’s Professional Development Program, established in 2004, provides a supportive network for Bay Area mental health professionals assuring that our community is served by informed practitioners. In 2020, more than 280 professionals attended these events for which they received continuing education credits.

   Each March, with its co-host the Marin County Office of Education, CIP brings together Bay Area experts to address key issues in parenting today. The goal is to provide parents, educators and other community members with the tools and strategies to raise children who are compassionate and resilient. Raising healthy families makes the community safer, healthier, and more inclusive. All events are free and open to the public.

Because of the generous support of organizations such as the Giving Marin Community Partnership and its $5,000 grant, along with private donations from the community, CIP is available to help those in need in Marin.

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