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Valley Memorial Park Cemetery & Funeral Home is located on Bugeia Lane, off of Atherton Avenue in a quiet valley on the border of Novato that looks out to the bay and is surrounded by the Rush Creek Preserve. - Photos courtesy Valley Memorial Park

   Valley Memorial Park Cemetery and Funeral Home is proud to join the Giving Marin Community Partnership as a Sponsor.
  “Valley Memorial is very much a part of the community.  We have a strong belief that giving back to the community by sponsoring different nonprofit organizations is important,” said CEO Lauren Elkin.  “We strongly believe and support the need for each of us to live happy and healthy lives as long as possible and offer more to the community beyond supporting the end-of-life process.”
  Under the leadership of 17 local Marin business leaders, they focused on creating a beautiful setting that now includes a funeral home, on-site crematory with a state-of-the-art crematorium, two chapels and a reception event center.  Their grounds include  traditional burial and cremation plots as well as mausoleums, cremation niches, a scattering garden and an area dedicated to green burials.
  “We believe that working together we can truly make a difference in the lives of so many,” said Marketing Director Sherri Jacobs. “Our vision and commitment is to support families who have experienced the loss of a loved one and be a peaceful and trusted environment for families to place their loved ones into our care.”  
  Valley Memorial has sponsored a variety of health and wellness seminars and other community events in its reception center. It has supported local nonprofits and participated on several nonprofit boards of directors. As part of its support for the environment, Valley Memorial was one of the first to utilize recycled water as part of North Marin Water District’s water conservation program, enabling the grounds to remain green year-round by using reclaimed water.
  “Our dedicated and experienced professionals are committed to help families from all walks of life lay their loved ones to rest and honor their legacy,” Elkin said.
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Sherri Jacobs, Marketing Director





  1. Welcome, Valley Memorial Park. Your generosity toward the nonprofit community is greatly appreciated.

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