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Ted Smith founded Kids Cooking for Life at age 83 to teach children healthy eating habits. He passed away in August at age 96. Photo courtesy of Kids Cooking for Life

   Kids Cooking for Life announced the passing of its founder, Ted Smith, in August. An inspiring embodiment of the healthy nutritional principles he so cherished, he was a few months short of his 97th birthday.

   Smith was a retired restaurateur with a respected career behind him, when he founded Kids Cooking for Life in 2009. Concerned by the mounting childhood obesity crisis and lack of education or adequate solutions, he resolved to address the issue himself, at the age of 83. At age 94, he was awarded the prestigious 2019 Jefferson Award for his pioneering work with Kids Cooking for Life. 

   Kids Cooking for Life became Smith’s raison d’etre and every staff and board member feels privileged to be a part of his vision. The organization remains passionate and committed to carrying on his legacy, said President Saeri Yuk and Executive Director Lara Rajninger.

   Smith will be remembered not only for his business acumen and charitable generosity but also for his vibrancy and humor. He cast a very bright light and was loved by many, the charity’s leaders said.

   The Ted Smith Legacy Fund can be found at

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