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Marin nonprofits will benefit from the generosity of County of Marin employees. Photo courtesy of County of Marin

Marin County-based nonprofits such as 10,000 Degrees, Canal Alliance, Homeward Bound of Marin, Ritter Center and SF-Marin Food Bank have something new in common: They saw the greatest number of donations through the County of Marin’s annual Employee Charitable Giving Campaign this holiday season.

Over the holiday season, the County of Marin campaign registered more than $115,000 in committed charitable giving via payroll deductions and one-time donations, up over $5,000 from a year ago. The payroll deductions are dispersed to nonprofit agencies steadily throughout the coming year, giving them a reliable stream of contributions.
“Once again, our employees were inspired to give by generously contributing financially to the greater good,” said Liza Massey, the county’s chief information officer. “It’s heartwarming to see it happen even though we continue to face rising costs and other challenges. The ongoing financial commitment to others is one more example of our employees’ public servant spirit.”

Since the start of the coordinated giving effort in 2007, county employees have donated over $1.3 million to recipient nonprofits. The campaign allows the workforce to make biweekly paycheck deductions or one-time donations to nonprofit federations that assist a variety of charities. Employees can also pick charities of their choice. With employees giving at the office in a combined campaign, nonprofits save the time, effort and expense of seeking out and processing individual donations.


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