The Community Media Center of Marin provides residents of Marin County with access to communication technologies, media training, and the latest digital tools to create original content for cable TV and online media. The Georgia Annwell Gallery, part of the Community Media Center of Marin, is located at 819 A Street in downtown San Rafael. The gallery was named after Georgia Annwell, an eclectic artist and prolific producer at Community Media Center of Marin. Pictured is “The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse” by current featured gallery artist Dickens 44.

Local artist, Dickens 44 Bascom, also known as “The Glue Artist,” works from a warehouse studio in Novato. Dickens 44 was born in Oakland and fell in love with Marin while attending San Rafael Military Academy as a teenager. Pictured  is Community Media Center of Marin Executive Director Michael Eisenmenger posing  with one of Dickens 44’s larger pieces titled “Selfie Hipster” at the gallery opening reception on June 8.

Artist Dickens 44 encourages everyone to enjoy, and consider not throwing away, objects that could be used in recycled art pieces. He hopes to one day teach his “recycledelic art fusion” technique at children’s hospitals as a form of art therapy.  Pictured is Dickens 44 chatting with guests at the gallery opening on June 8 and is “Surfing Moligator,” one of the featured pieces in the show that runs through August 29.

  -Photos by Mary Rentzel

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