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Novato Space Festival volunteers gathered together on Aug. 5 to host the event. Volunteers, 16 and older, are welcome throughout the year to help run the Space Station Museum. High school students can receive community service hours. Find additional information or apply to volunteer at

The Space Station Museum presented its annual Novato Space Festival on Aug. 5 at Pacheco Plaza. Approximately 7,000 people attended, enjoying presentations from NASA astronauts and scientists, exhibits of space travel technology and hardware, meteorites, telescopes and model rockets.  Astronauts Dr. Rhea Seddon (above top), one of the first six women accepted by NASA and a veteran of three space shuttle flights, and Millie Hughes-Fulford, a former space shuttle payload specialist, took a selfie, while a Stormtrooper (above bottom) showed his interest in astronomy.  -Photos by Jere Torkelsen

The Novato Space Festival highlighted the importance of STEM education. Joseph Minafra from NASA Ames Research Center (above top) taught visitors about meteorites and moon rocks.  The intersection of science and art was exemplified by artist Michelle Rouch (above bottom) who talked with two recent Space Camp graduates. Rouch is a professional member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and an artist member of International Association of Astronomical Artists. She gives back to communities by donating her art and expertise.   -Photos by Danny Skarka

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