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The Mt. Tam Quilt Guild is looking forward to the new year and making more quilts and pillowcases for donation. Some of the local nonprofits  they support include, Homeward Bound of Marin (above top), Marin City Community Development Corporation (above, 2nd from top), West Marin Community Services (above, 3rd from top), Buckelew Programs (above bottom), MarinHealth Medical Center and Hospice by the Bay. To support its fundraising efforts and keep quilting alive for future generations, the organization created a children’s book called “Emma, Lucie & the Quilted Animals.” For more information about Mt. Tam Quilt Guild and the book, visit  -Photos courtesy of Mt. Tam Quilt Guild

1 Comment on "NEW YEAR, NEW QUILTS"

  1. Douglas Erwin | March 13, 2021 at 4:44 am | Reply

    Dear Mt Tam Quilt Guild;
    Five years ago on January8th, you gave my wife a BEAUTIFUL Quilt…”to give her beauty and warmth” in her last days. Even though she probably never saw the pattern and care given to the making of the quilt, know she felt the warmth and every stich of love put into the making. Quilting was one of her favorite art forms.
    The love of my life, Betsy Voorhees Erwin, died January 9, 2016. For five years I kept the treasure until November 12 of this “Covid” year when a year full of tragedy…a new life was brought upon this earth, a beautiful baby girl, my second granddaughter. I gave it to her as a birth present completing the cycle of giving from the passing to the birth of a beautiful new soul and the loving memory of one who died. Thank you for your treasured gift, the story will be a family tale for generations to come.

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