SchoolsRule Board President Trisha Garlock (at podium) and Mary Jane Burke, Marin County superintendent of schools, greet attendees at the 10th annual education funding distribution event.

Vicki Strotz, president of the Redwood High School Foundation, is joined by students from Redwood, Olivia Letts and Amelia Loiacanon (with the microphone).

SchoolsRule-Marin hosted its 10th Annual Distribution Celebration at the Marin County Office of Education’s Community School on Oct. 27, distributing $700,000 in funds to Marin public school districts.
The funds, donated by businesses, community agencies and individual donors, are distributed  equally on a per-student basis to provide direct support for programs in the areas of literacy, the arts, technology and health. Since its inception in 2011,  SchoolsRule  has distributed nearly $6.2 million, directly benefiting every child in every district in Marin.
It was the first opportunity for the initiative leaders to gather in person in more than 18 months as they disbursed checks to each district foundation on a per student basis and acknowledged donors who made the funding possible.

Dr. Lisa Santora at the microphone and Dr. Matt Willis, from the Marin Department of Public Health, praise educators for their ability to reopen schools for in-person learning.

The SchoolsRule team (bottom row, from left): Rebecca Caspersen, Liz Moriarty, Claudine Alameda, Michelene Moayedi, Elaine Wilkinson, Chelsea Donovan, Sara Ryba, Pascale Gregory, Gretchen Richardson, Vicki Strotz and Laurie Treganowen, and (back row) Barbara Snekkevik, Trisha Garlock, Kaitlyn Zuber, Jodi Chabin, Kristin Beacock, Cari Dauphinais, Susan Mathews, Alida Lasker, Kate McNear, Sara Sanders and Susan Boyle.

Educators and business leaders gather at the Las Gallinas Avenue community campus of the Marin County Office of Education.  

– Photos courtesy of SchoolsRule

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