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Jackie Bacon, Barbara Chambers, Annette Venables, Jan Hiti and Marcy St John (from left) help raise funds for Tribe Rising India. Photo courtesy of Tribe Rising India

Tribe Rising India, a Mill Valley-based nonprofit that builds schools and provides educational opportunities for the Santal people in West Bengal, hosted its annual fundraising gala for the first time in two years at the Corinthian Yacht Club on Aug. 25.  

   The event supported construction of the first high school for Santal students. A girls’ dormitory has already been completed and over 700 scholarships for children grades kindergarten through seventh have been awarded since the organization was founded in 2018. 

  “Beyond filling the school with desks and labs and computers, we will be filling it with kids! When we are full, some 1,200 creative, hard-working, bright children will receive a life-changing education every year,” said Tribe Rising India co-founder and president Annette Venables. “This is what hope looks like. This is what planting the seeds of generational change looks like.”

   For more information, visit triberisingindia.org.

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