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A common space at St. Vincent School for Boys was created by Make It Home Bay Area. Photos courtesy of Make It Home Bay Area

Since 1853, St. Vincent’s School for Boys has dedicated itself exclusively to the care of traumatized boys. That work continues in 2023 as Catholic Charities’ SVSB transitions to a shelter for unaccompanied minors arriving alone in the Bay Area. Make It Home, in partnership with IDF Studio and Principal Kassin Adelman, jumped in to help. Together, they reimagined four homes on the campus that will offer safety and comfort to 50 boys ages 7-17. 

Four homes at the St. Vincent School for Boys were transformed by volunteers.

    Nearly 40 volunteers spent three full days making these spaces safe and comfortable. St. Vincent leaders say these vulnerable children will feel safe and welcome after their dangerous journeys from their home countries — often alone — to Marin. The unaccompanied minors will reside and receive essential care by the Catholic Charities team at St. Vincent’s School for Boys while they wait for documentation and to be united with family members or sponsors. 

  “Open hearts, open minds and open arms is how we all approached this project. It was a joy to bring together all the rooms for these kids who have faced unimaginable circumstances,” said Make It Home’s warehouse operations manager, Jenifer Venne.

   “They arrived in a space and to people who are welcoming. This became a place where they can find support in their transition from being alone, to being part of a community.” 

   For more information, visit makeithomebayarea.org.

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