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More than 130 guests gather to support St. Vincent’s School for Boys at Marin Country Club.

The Godmothers of Catholic Charities hosted its annual spring luncheon and bingo fundraiser on May 10 at Marin Country Club. More than 130 guests gathered to raise much-needed funds for the boys of St. Vincent’s School. Eric Maddox, a former music instructor at St. Vincent’s, performed classical piano music as guests arrived.

The afternoon included bingo, a raffle and Fund-in-Need.
Photos courtesy of The Godmothers of Catholic Charities

   The event included vendors, several rounds of bingo, a raffle and a Fund-In-Need benefitting the therapeutic horse program at the school.

   St. Vincent’s School for Boys is the only residential program in Northern California offering innovative equestrian therapy as a treatment modality. The campus is home to horses, chickens, roosters, goats and barn cats and is uniquely suited for an equestrian program.

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