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One of late artist Marie Siegenthauler’s scientific illustrations.

  The Marie Siegenthaler Memorial Lending Library was established in 2021 at the College of Marin Fine Arts Department in honor of Connie Siegenthaler’s daughter, Marie, an aspiring science illustrator who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in 2018. 

   “Marie was born an artist, always viewing the world through her own unique lens,” said Siegenthaler, who works at College of Marin and is active among nonprofits. “She was an observer and recorder her entire life. Her sketchbooks are filled with pages of her thoughts and observations about the world around her.”

   According to Siegenthaler, Marie’s interest in the complex systems of nature started at an early age. 

   “Rather than dolls, Marie immersed herself in the world of bugs, rocks and seashells,” she said.

   Marie Siegenthaler was accepted into the Science Illustration Certificate program at CSU Monterey Bay, but was killed while riding her motorcycle by a hit-and-run driver in March 2018.

   Tentacles and Wings, the nonprofit established in Marie Siegenthaler’s honor after her death, initially raised $5,000 for the lending library at College of Marin to purchase non-consumable supplies for the ceramics program and beginning drawing and composition classes. On-going fundraising goals will help expand the library to include supplies for photography and architecture classes.

College of Marin ceramics instructors Jason Dunn and Logan Wood help organize the lending library.
Photos courtesy of Tentacles and Wings

   “Marie’s Library has helped provide a more equitable learning experience in several of our foundational art studio courses by offering students the opportunity to borrow the non-consumable art supplies they need for the semester,” said College of Marin Fine and Visual Arts instructor Kevin Muller. “We’re thankful that Marie’s legacy can live on to support the growth and success of our art students, and grateful to the Tentacles and Wings Foundation for their support.” 

   Tentacles and Wings also awards scholarships to students in the CSU Monterey Bay Science Illustration certificate program and College of Marin. For more information, visit tentaclesandwings.org.


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