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Roots of Peace founder Heidi Kuhn meets with Pope Francis at the World Meeting on Human Fraternity at the Vatican. Photo courtesy of Roots of Peace

World Food Prize Laureate and Roots of Peace founder Heidi Kuhn made a case for global peace and agricultural rejuvenation during her keynote address at the World Meeting on Human Fraternity held at the Vatican May 10-11.

Kuhn, alongside Nobel Peace Prize laureates, addressed global leaders and influencers under the pressing theme, “What does it mean to be human?” in an era marred by conflicts and climate fluctuations that threaten global food security.

During a private audience with Pope Francis, Kuhn advocated on behalf of mothers in war zones and emphasized the need to respect and restore the earth as a fundamental step toward global recovery.

Kuhn’s visit follows her recent journey to Angola with the support of the Mine Action Group during International Women’s Day, highlighting the critical role of women in mine removal efforts across Africa.

“The world must embrace the Fraternity of Peace as the only alternative to our current path of violence and war,” Cardinal Mauro Gambetti said.

Kuhn also met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who commended her efforts to transform war-torn lands into thriving communities.

For 27 years, Kuhn’s Marin-based nonprofit, Roots of Peace, has planted over 7 million fruit trees worldwide, aiding rural families and combating climate change by restoring the planet’s “lungs.”

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